Services For Academies

Elevate your academy with our specialized youth development consultation services, that are designed to empower football academies with strategic insights, proven methodologies, and personalized guidance.

We offer the following services


Guidance for the academy's coaching collaborators – informing them about contemporary trends prevailing in modern football.

Coaching Process

Evaluation and guidance of the coaching process involving laboratory measurements and field tests.

Football Performance

Evaluation and analysis of measurements GPS - cardio analysis in combination with the technical-tactical performance of the football player's position.


Provide consulting for the progressive advancement of coaching development.


Organizing conferences in collaboration with renowned foreign coaches to expose children to the latest trends in coaching followed by the top academies in Europe.

International Participation

Organizing the academy's participation in recognized international tournaments.

We Support Your Athletes With


Psychological support and goal setting.


Social media management and content creation based on strategy.


Nutritional support and sports nutrition.

Specialized Experts

Collaborations with specialized scientists in the sports field from academic institutions.