Services For Players

Whether you’re a rising star, an established professional, or an aspiring talent, Akro is your trusted partner. We’ll go above and beyond to help you achieve your personal and professional goals in this beautiful game. Explore our services in detail, and let us be your compass on your journey to football greatness.

Youth Players

Player Representation

We specialize in representing aspiring young talents, guiding them through the pivotal process of securing their first professional contracts with expertise and dedicated support.

Performance Analysis

Our dedicated team meticulously assesses our young players' performance, providing constructive feedback and personalized reports to identify areas for improvement.

Social Media

We oversee or manage social media for young athletes, carefully curating posts to cultivate a professional online image while maximizing positive engagement.

Mentorship and Guidance

Guiding young players through the challenges of both their early football careers and academic pursuits, our mentors and advisors bring valuable experience to the journey


Empowering young talents, our agency forges strategic connections with clubs, sponsors, and industry influencers, ensuring increased visibility and unlocking valuable opportunities.

Training and Development Programs

We elevate young athletes with our Training and Development Programs, granting access to elite facilities, expert coaching, and personalized initiatives for skill enhancement and overall athletic development.

Matured Players

Contract negotiation

As a football agency dedicated to representing mature players, we excel in negotiating and renegotiating contracts. Our expertise ensures favorable terms and continued career success for our clients.

International transfers

As a leading, international football agency, our specialized services include orchestrating international transfers. Leveraging our extensive network and connections, we ensure smooth transitions, linking our clients to elite football opportunities worldwide.

Endorsement and Marketing

We provide exclusive endorsement and marketing opportunities. Utilizing our extensive industry network, we elevate our clients' profiles, securing lucrative partnerships to enhance their brand presence and visibility in the football realm.

Financial Management & Planning

Our suite of services includes expert financial management and planning. With a focus on securing long-term stability, we guide our clients through sound financial strategies tailored to safeguard and enhance their financial well-being beyond their playing careers.

Legal Support

Guiding our clients through complex matters, we provide invaluable advice and representation, ensuring their legal interests are protected and allowing them to focus on their playing careers with confidence.

Lifestyle Services

Beyond the pitch, our personalized offerings reflect our genuine understanding and care for our clients, ensuring their well-being and creating a supportive environment throughout their playing careers and beyond.

Post-retirement Planning

As a top football agency representing players, our commitment extends beyond the pitch to post-retirement services, with a focus on education and skill development.

Education & Skill Development

Tailored to individual needs, we facilitate educational opportunities and skill enhancement programs, empowering players for a successful transition to post-playing careers.

Career Transition Assistance

Customizing our support to individual aspirations, we guide players towards successful transitions to their next professional chapters.

Entrepreneurial Support

Empowering players to explore business ventures, we provide strategic guidance and resources for a successful transition to entrepreneurship in their post-playing careers.

Mental Health & Wellness Support

Prioritizing the holistic well-being of our clients, we provide personalized assistance to ensure a positive and resilient transition into life after their playing careers.

Financial Planning and Management

Addressing individual needs, we ensure our clients navigate their post-playing careers with financial stability and confidence, setting the foundation for a secure and prosperous future.